EDVEIN attendance management system gives you a color-coded graphical chart summarizing the number of employees/students in total, the number of employees/students present, absent, on leave & those employees/students who are on vacation. With EDVEIN attendance module you can generate daily and custom reports for individual employees/students, departments and locations. You can also export the attendance report data in the XLS format as and when required.

Below are the highlights of the System:

- Monitor In and Out time for Students and Employees

- Works on GPRS or Wi-Fi (No wiring needed)

- SMS sent to parent of the students to notify if the student is Present/Absent

- Supports Biometric as well as RFID (Smart Cards)

- Report emailed to admin's email ID on daily basis

- Integratable with EDVEIN ERP and can also work as stand alone application

- Manual/Automatic Attendance making option

- Easily scalable and customizable

- Very Accurate and reliable system